Ask the ‘Tones

When did the band first get together?

In 1985. The band played a hand-full of shows locally in Boston and recorded 3 songs for a small Boston label called One Way Records. The band then took a break for a few years while Nate Albert went to college and Joe Gittleman recorded and toured with the Boston band “GangGreen”. In 1989 Gittleman was kicked out of Ganggreen and the Bosstones reformed and recorded “Devils Night Out’ in 1990. the first real extended tour was in 91′ opening for the NYC Hardcore band Murphy’s Law

Was the band always called The Mighty Mighty Bosstones?

In the early years it was just “The Bosstones”. A bartender from the Boston Bar “Rathskeller” added the Mighty Mighty as a joke in a newspaper advertisement… It stuck!

Who was in the Band in the very beginning?

Dicky Barrett, Joe Gittleman, Nate Albert, Tim Burton, Ben Carr, Josh Dalsimer (drums), Tim Bridwell (trumpet). Vinny “Vito Incognito” from the band Bim Skalla Bim played tronbone on “Devil’s Night Out”

Did I see the Bosstones in a Miller Beer commercial?

In 1991 the Bosstones were featured in a national television and print ad campaign for Converse sneakers

Where did the whole plaid thing come from?

Dicky hand made the band’s first backdrop out of plaid material. He frequently wore plaid jackets, pajamas or bathrobes on stage. It later came to symbolize the bands love for mixing different styles of music. Also, like plaid, the bands sound was busy and at times offensive! The band took their love of tartans seriously and on special occasions would include kilt wearing bagpipers on stage

Whose house is that on the back of the Devil’s Night Out record?

This was a rooming house where Dicky lived for a time and where the band would hang out. That house is at 92 Sewell St. in Brookline Ma (now a bed and breakfast)

What’s the deal with Ben, the guy that only dances and sings back ground vocals?

Ben “The Bosstone” was a good friend/Roadie for the band. Like much of the band at the time, Ben was under age. One night the band was told by a club owner that Ben would have to leave since he wasn’t 21 and wasn’t in the band. Dicky insisted Ben was in the band and told Ben to get on stage and jump around so he wouldn’t be kicked out… Again, it just stuck! Behind the scenes Ben would eventually go on to do double duty as Tour Manager as well

Is the song “The Impression That I Get” about getting an A.I.D.S. test?


Where did the Bosstones Bulldog logo come from? Does the dog have a name?

Dicky’s friend Jerry Mattes designed the logo. The dog would later be named “Otis” after a Bulldog that appeared in the Converse commercial

Did I see Dicky in the film “American Hardcore”?

Yes, he was interviewed in the film. Dicky was very much involved in the early days of the Boston Hardcore Scene. He sang for the band “Impact Unit” and and gained a somewhat dubious reputation as a troublemaker. One time Lux Interior, singer for the band The Cramps, finally fed up with Dicky’s routine punched him in the face on stage at the Channel Club in Boston.

Who is “Dr. D”?

Dr. James Dalsimer is the father of original Bosstones Drummer Josh Dalsimer. Sometimes Dr. D. would be trying to see psychiatric patients in the attic of his house while the Bosstones were practicing in the basement.

What’s the story behind the “Enter Sandman” cover that appears on the “Where’d You Go EP”?

The band had an advanced copy of the Metallica “Black Album” and liked the song. The Bosstones version was nearly released before Metallica’s but production delays at TAANG! records meant missing this mark. James Hetfield of Metallica once performed the song with the Bosstones on stage in Denver Colorado

I heard that one of you guys once stabbed someone in a fight, is this true?

Joe Gittleman (The Bass Fiddleman) was stabbed in the chest by an Albanian T-shirt bootlegger in Italy while on tour with Fishbone. The Bosstones Merch guy Chiser was also stabbed in the hand several times while trying to subdue Joe’s attacker. The bootlegger from Albania later subdued himself by running into the back of a parked van while trying to evade the angry mob from Boston.