Return to the independents (2002–2003)

The BossToneS announced their return to an independent label when they signed with SideOneDummy Records. In July 2002, the band released the album A Jackknife to a Swan. The song “You Gotta Go!” was released as a single and video. The band continued to tour with extensive runs in North America, Australia, Japan and Europe including main stage jaunts on the Warped Tour and it’s European counterpart the Deconstruction Tour.

In 2003 the band announced their decision to go on hiatus. After fifteen years of steady recording and near constant touring, often in excess of 300 shows a year, members of the band needed a break. In interviews they stated they were creatively exhausted. For most in the band it had been all they had done since they were teenagers and they stated a desire to find new avenues in which to direct their energies. This also brought to an end their string of nine consecutive annual “Hometown Throwdown’s.”